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Recreational Soccer

Our Recreational program is our original longest running program and was introduced in 1978. It is an in town program, which means all games and practices take place in Weymouth and all players involved (your team and the opponents) are from Weymouth. It is open registration so anyone who wants to play can play, no skill level is necessary.   Players can start as early as 4 years old in the kickers program and we offer league play up thru high school.   We offer a Fall league and a Spring league. Most players do play both Fall and Spring, but they are two separate leagues so a player does not have to. It lowers the commitment needed and allows more players to play.

The coaches are volunteers (typically parents) and teams are put together with a purpose of having balanced teams so there is a wide variance of skill level on each team. Kids compete against their friends and classmates and have a great time. The overall purpose of the rec program is for the kids to just play the game in a fun environment. The cost is low so it’s affordable to everyone and our volunteer coaches allow us to have it this way.   Everyone should play about the same amount and the environment should be all about the kids playing and having fun.

The typical season runs for 9 weeks. All games are scheduled for Saturdays and all games and majority of practices are held at  Lovell Field in Weymouth, ajacent to Pingree Primary School.

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